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This will be the second edition of Ink Panthers tattoo convention in Roermond (The Netherlands). Robin, owner of Ink Panthers tattoo atelier came up with the idea before COVID-19 to organize a small good vibed tattoo event by artists for artists.


Due COVID our first edition was unfortunately postponed for two times. But eventually our first edition in July 2022 was a fact! We received a lot of positive reactions and good feedback. 


We learned a lot and we are looking forward to organize our second edition! We are excited to see you (artists, vendors & public) at our second edition on 15 & 16 July in 2023.

Good Vibes only :-)


No upcoming events at the moment


+/- 70 artists national and international with all kinds of tattoo styles. Check out the 'ARTISTS' page to see who is coming. (under construction)


You will find support from BarberDTS at our convention with a big stand with all kinds of tattoo products, but also Rayven supplies is attending our 2nd edition for your needles, gloves or aftercare. 


Mr.Sammi Bistrobar

will take care of all the artist & visitors with different kind of street foods & drinks. 


  • What are the opening hours?
    Saturday 11:00 - 19:00* Sunday 11:00 - 19:00* * the door is closed for new visitors.
  • How do I pay at the convention?
    For the tickets, you can buy them online or at the convention it self. It is possible to pay in cash or with card. For a tattoo of to buy something at the vendor, this depends. At some booths it is only possible to pay in cash. We recommend to take cash with you before entering the convention. There are many ATM'S on walking distance from the ECI (in the Centrum). Like at the Jumbo supermarket (Roercenter) or Kloosterwandplein.
  • Can I get a tattoo on the convention?
    Yes you can! But to be sure the artists is not already fully booked, we recommend to contact the artist before the convention.
  • Where can I park the car?
    There is around the ECI a parking lot. It is also possible to park on walking distance in the centrum of Roermond. Near the Jumbo (Roercenter) is a bigger parking lot.
  • Can I take my children to the convention?
    Yes you can take your children (under 12 years is free), but we ask you polite to think about if this is also the right convention for very young children. We don't have anything to offer for the young ones because this convention is made by artists for artists who are in the tattoo industry.
  • How can I join the convention as an artist?
    Hi! Nice you want to join our convention. We work with invitations to keep the level of artists high. Also because we are a smaller convention we are critical with who can join our convention. If you didn't receive any invitation (especially outside the Netherlands) you can always ask us to join! Please send us an email with also a link to your portfolio.
  • Can I get a free ticket for my client or assistant
    Yes, for assistants you will get a free pass for the whole weekend. 1 assistant per artist only. For clients, if you have arranged a client for Saturday, Sunday or the whole weekend you can get a free ticket as well. Ask the crew at the registration on Saturday morning or in the artist support room.
  • What are the opening hours for artists
    Saturday 08:00 - +/- 20:30 Sunday 09:00 - +/- 20:30 Opening hours for visitors Saturday 11:00 - 19:00 Sunday 11:00 - 19:00
  • How can I join the contest?
    You can join the contest till 1 hour before the contests will start. You can see here on the website what the categories are for Saturday and Sunday. Each artist can join 2 categories per day.
  • Can I buy tattoo supplies at the convention?
    Yes you can! There will be a big tattoo supplier (Tattooland) where you can find tattoo machines, needles, inkt etc. But also Rayven Tattoo supplies will attend with their own line of gloves, needles and aftercare. Next to that, you will find Carl and Johan tattoo care!
  • Where can I make my stencil?
    Some artist take their own stencil printer or make it by hand. But if you need a stencil, just come by the artist service room. Here we have also a good stencil printer to help you out. There are no costs to make a stencil.
  • What time can I start with my client?
    The opening hours for the public is 11:00 for Saturday & Sunday. But you can ask your client to come when the doors are open for the artists. They will get a free ticket (ask the crew). Saturday the doors will be open at 09:00 / Sunday at 10:00.
  • Where can I park the car?
    To get all your stuff to your booth, you can drive the car to the back of the ECI. Here you can park the car to move all your stuff inside to your booth. Afterwards you have to park the car in the front because the backside parking lots are only for ECI personal.
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